ProLeiT at European Coatings Show 2019

Nuremberg, 19 - 21 March 2019, Hall 6 / Stand 6-136

ProLeiT, the solution provider for industrial automation, process control technology and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), is taking part in the European Coatings Show, the leading exhibition for the international coatings and paint industry, in Nuremberg from 19 to 21 March 2019.

Using case studies, ProLeiT will demonstrate in Hall 6 / Stand 6-136 how the modular process control system Plant iT optimizes the production processes of well-known manufacturers in the coatings and paint industry. In a talk, ProLeiT will show how the high-performance MES solution Plant Integrate iT creates comprehensive production transparency and how companies benefit from this. (Hall 9 / Stand 9-544, 19.03.2019 from 2.50pm to 3.10pm).

Plant Batch iT: scalable batch control
When automating batch processes, it is essential to be able to process many production orders flexibly, efficiently and safely for a number of products within a single plant. Thanks to its process control system Plant Batch iT, ProLeiT provides an ideal solution for controlling and monitoring recipe-based batch processes – from production of a semi-finished product up to bottling lines and packing facilities, including quality checks and auxiliary plants. The modularization enables application in micro plants as well as in large coating and paint factories. The many functions provided by Plant Batch iT include continuous material tracking and tracing, comprehensive material management as well as order, batch and BOM management tailored to the needs of the coatings and paint industry. Detailed event logging (electronic batch recording) guarantees maximum transparency and thus the basis for the continuous optimization of production processes.

Batch Cockpit: comprehensive batch analysis
High data availability during production gives a real competitive advantage over every rival. The large volumes of data generated during production processes often place an excessive burden on operators – correlations remain undetected and potentials unused. The add-on Batch Cockpit from ProLeiT is a clever software solution for evaluating, processing and validating production data. Thanks to seamless integration in other functions of the MES solution Plant Integrate iT, all the data can be further processed and prepared productively.

Line management: minimizing downtime, maximizing plant efficiency
Even the shortest amount of downtime, so-called micro-stops, can reduce a system’s effectiveness significantly. A Line Management System (LMS) provides a great solution in this situation and helps to determine the causes of downtime. Thanks to Plant Acquis iT LMS, which is available as an add-on for the production data management system of Plant iT, ProLeiT enables simple access to the world of Line Management. The add-on records the automated downtime of plants and machines. The causes of downtime and other system or order-related data can be entered at any time manually via drop-down boxes. The entire data can be analyzed down to the finest detail with the help of the drill-down-function: downtime periods can then be arranged with varying levels of detail from the overall plant to individual units.

Talk: MES Control Center
The production landscape of many companies in the coatings and paint industry is still made up of isolated solutions from various manufacturers, which are either interconnected inadequately or not at all. Within the context of Industry 4.0 and IIoT, however, there is no room for self-sufficient systems if the goal is to present, evaluate and optimize production processes end-to-end without interruptions. This comprehensive production transparency will also become increasingly important in the coming years – using software that shows improvement potential through big data analysis, it can be mapped particularly effectively.

In the talk “MES Control Center – End-to-End Plant and Process Transparency combined with Advanced Analytics for the Coatings Industry”in Hall 9 / Stand 9-544 on 19.03.2019 from 2.50pm to 3.10pm, ProLeiT will use case studies to demonstrate how Plant Integrate iT, its own Manufacturing Execution System (MES), can transparently evaluate all production-relevant data along the entire value-added chain – despite many isolated solutions from various manufacturers. Since in the digital age, it is only possible for companies to design their own production processes more efficiently, increase their productivity and thus remain competitive in the long term by using the user-friendly MES solution from ProLeiT.